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  Fashion has always been my passion but

the desire to dedicate my designs to maternity in 2015 emanated from the birth of my first child. During and after the pregnancy I struggled with my self image, self esteem and personal style. After months of contending with what I called the high street's maternity famine, I decided to launch my first maternity collection. Fast forwards 3 years and 11 months not only is my second child on the way, but I am also welcoming a new level of ‘Bumpfidence’.  Much credit to the blogger and influencer industry for restyling the worlds view of pregnancy. The new maternity wave has been revolutionary and has brought about a new level of confidence in mums across the globe.

With that being said, I am proud to announce the launch of ‘The Blogger Edit’. This collection celebrates the rise in ‘bumpfidence’ and encourages all yummy mums to find their personal style.


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Photography By  SAMUEL FALUSI


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